Requesting your payments was never as easy as we have made it on Healing Clouds. All you need is a PayPal account. 

After you complete a session, the funds will reflect in your account after 24 hours. In these 24 hours, clients have the option to claim a money-back in case they feel they are not satisfied with a practitioner. 

Once the funds reflect in your Wallet, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your wallet and click on “Transfer” and leave rest to us. 

2. We will process all your payout requests within 7 days from the day of your transfer request.

3. As per our terms and conditions, we charge you 25% of your hourly charges as our service fee for sessions completed successfully.

4. There is no minimum or maximum withdrawal limit. You can request payout for any desired amount from your wallet balance.

5. Please note that PayPal charges may apply.  

Please visit Paypal for details on their charges. 

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